My beauty bubble masks

Boost and refresh your skin beauty in record-time!

Each Bubble Mask turns into an active skincare foam to oxygenate the skin in-depth and infuse it with powerful plant-based actives. The skin is detoxified, deep cleansed and the cellular metabolism is boosted to immediately bring visible moisture & radiance to the complexion.
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Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, Senbel My Beauty Masks combine the Korean innovative technical expertise with the French highest quality skincare to deliver instant and enhanced beauty results.

The brand offers sophisticated formulas infused with skin-perfecting natural active ingredients, renowned for their efficiency and gentleness on all types of skins.

Senbel My Beauty Masks can be used regularly to boost the benefits of your usual Senbel skincare routine or as an occasional freshness & radiance boost, for a pure well-being moment and a radiant, smoothed & healthy-looking skin, in record-time.