Velvet nourishing hand cream

Olive oil & Liquorice root

Our hand cream is an exceptional way to soothe, moisturize and protect damaged and dry hands. This cream, enriched with olive oil, immediately nourishes and protects the skin from the harmful external factors (cold, wind, etc.). Its heavenly-scented texture coats the hands in a cocoon of softness and is quickly absorbed to avoid leaving the hands feeling greasy. Hands regain their softness and glow.


Enriched with nourishing and protective essential fatty acids, olive oil is ideal for strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Vitamin E is renowned as an anti-oxidant to help fight the signs of skin ageing.

Liquorice root extract has softening and soothing properties.


Strengthens the skin’s barrier

Fights the signs of skin ageing

Softening and soothing

Directions for use

Apply as many times as needed to clean, dry hands, in the morning, at night and throughout the day.