Damask Rose stem cells

Concentrated in high performance anti-aging actives, the Anti-Fatigue Lifting Mask helps the skin to fight and prevent the main signs of aging: it lifts the face contour, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves the skin firmness and elasticity. The Mask releases the exceptional properties of stem cells to replump and redensify the skin, improve the complexion uniformity and reveal its radiance. At the awakening, the features are smoothed and the signs of fatigue are reduced. The skin looks younger.

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Powerful youth vector, the Damask Rose stem cells extract offers a global anti-aging action by limiting cell aging. This natural high-tech ingredient, capable of prolonging the cells life, boosts the production of the skin support molecules, while decreasing their degradation. Intense regeneration concentrate, with restructuring and firming properties, it contributes to reducing the appearance of superficial and deep facial wrinkles.

The Everlasting flower extract, natural anti-aging active with proven efficacy, helps to stimulate the skin regeneration. Capable of strengthening the dermal tissue, it helps to fight against skin sagging: the skin recovers its firmness, elasticity and the wrinkles are visibly reduced, for a face with redefined contours, that looks younger.


Helps to fight & prevent the appearance of the main signs of aging

Lifts the face contour

Reduces the signs of fatigue

Directions for use

Apply 3 times a week according to 2 directions for use:

– Mask (2 times a week on a clean and dry skin): apply a medium layer on the whole face and neck. Leave 15-20 minutes, then remove the surplus with a cotton pad or rinse with clear water.
– Sleeping mask (once a week on a clean and dry skin): apply evening a thin layer and leave overnight.