Moisturizing Make-up Removal Cream

Marin algae & sweet almond oil

Thanks to its innovative texture, this cream gently and effectively cleanses delicate skin removing all traces of make-up – even waterproof products – from the sensitive eye area. Pleasantly perfumed, the skin is left soft, cleansed, purified and with no traces of make-up.

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Extract of green algae, Codium Tomentosum, limits and regulates water loss from the skin thanks to its high content in polysaccharides and helps keep skin soft.

Red algae extract, Chondrus Crispus, is rich in fatty acids and helps protect the skin and diminish sensations of tightness.

Sweet almond oil, rich in essential fatty acids and renowned for its softening properties, ensures a gentle cleansing.


Nourishes and soothes

Gentle cleansing

For the face and eyes

Directions for use

Apply this make-up removal cream to the face and neck with a cotton pad or your fingertips. Massage using circular motions and then rinse well. Can be used in the shower.