Charcoal & essential Minerals

The Purifying Mask cleanses and deeply purifies the skin without causing dryness to free it from impurities which accumulate on its surface. Enriched with rebalancing active, the Mask tightens the dilated pores, helps to fight against skin imperfections to reveal a matte, radiantly fresh complexion. The skin is immediatly boosted and the signs of fatigue are reduced.

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A combination of minerals essential to ensure the skin cells balance, with energizing properties, boosts the skin oxygenation for a healthy radiant complexion, with smoothed fine lines and skin texture.

The combination of Zinc and L-PCA, specially dedicated to combination or oily skins prone to imperfections, regulates sebum production to reduce the shiny effect and rebalances the skin.


Cleanses & deeply purifies the skin

Helps to fight against skin imperfections

Reboosts the skin

Directions for use

Apply once to twice a week, a thick layer on a clean and dry skin. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse.