Marine Algae synergy & White Horehound

An essential step between cleansing and moisturizing, this lotion is an indispensable freshness boost and ends perfectly the cleansing ritual. Formulated with anti-pollution white Horehound and a soothing and anti-sebum Marine Algae synergy, it tones, soothes and purifies the skin, while offering freshness and radiance to the complexion. In a pass, the skin becomes clear, soft and radiant.

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A synergy of Marine Algae, combining the properties of Tetraselmis Chui green microalga and brown alga Fucus Spiralis, diminish the sebum production on the skin surface and soothes lastingly.

White Horehound protects and fights against pollution negative effects thanks to its antioxidant & detoxifying properties.


Antioxidant & anti-pollution

Purifies and soothes the skin

Diminishes excess sebum production

Directions for use

With a cotton pad, apply daily on morning and/or evening on the whole face and neck after cleansing.