Charcoal & essential Minerals

The Detoxifying Exfoliating Gel gently eliminates dead cells and deep cleanses the pores to reveal a perfectly clear and healthy skin. Enriched with essential minerals, the Exfoliating Gel energizes the skin for 24h and brings a healthy glow effect. Soft and radiant, the skin is matte and the sebum excess is reduced.


A combination of minerals essential to ensure the skin cells balance, with energizing properties, boosts the skin oxygenation for a healthy radiant complexion, with smoothed fine lines and skin texture.

The combination of Zinc and L-PCA, specially dedicated to combination or oily skins prone to imperfections, regulates sebum production to reduce the shiny effect and rebalances the skin.


100% Skin purified and rebalanced*

100% Fresh complexion & clear skin

100% 24H energizing effect

*Tested under dermatological control once a day on 33 volunteers over 21 days: % of satisfaction

Directions for use

Apply once to twice a week, on a clean and wet skin. Gently massage with fingertips and rinse.