Laminaria & Sea Lavender extracts

This serum with an ultra-fresh and lightweight texture fights sensations of discomfort, irritations and redness of sensitive skins or sensitized by the presence of blemishes. Enriched with soothing Laminaria extract and decongesting & anti-redness Sea Lavender water, this high tolerance formula immediately calms any sensation of tightness, reduces local inflammations and the appearance of redness. Soothed and less reactive, the skin regains all its comfort and the complexion is unified.

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The Laminaria extract, also called Golden Seaweed, acts on the skin like a biological protector and soother by limiting cutaneous inflammation and by diminishing the epidermis overall sensitivity.

The Lavender Stoechas, commonly named Sea Lavender, has decongesting and soothing properties. Its action significantly reduces redness and tingling sensations, relaxes and softens the skin.

The Arnica flower, used since Prehistory for its soothing and decongesting properties, relieves the most delicate skins thanks to its tonifying, stimulating and anti-inflammatory action.


Protects and soothes the skin

Anti-redness & anti-inflammation

Torifies and comforts the skin

Directions for use

Apply daily, morning and evening, on perfectly cleansed skin, on the face, the neck and the décolleté. Continue with the Mattifying Day Fluid or the Detoxifying Night Cream.