Sequoia stem cells

Concentrated in high performance anti-aging active, the Ultra-Lift Serum smoothes wrinkles and brings a long-lasting comfort. Deeply nourished and moisturized, the skin is toned, firmer and more supple and the complexion recovers all its luminosity.


Powerful cell reactiving active, the Sequoia stem cells extract offers a global anti-aging action by boosting the whole key mecanisms of the skin slowed by skin aging. Restructurating, firming and softening concentrate, this high-tech ingredient of natural origin stimulates the production of fibers that support the skin, densify the dermis and restore its resistance for a skin visibly younger, for longer.


91% Skin deeply nourished*

91% Complexion radiance boosted*

82% Wrinkles smoothed*

*Tested under dermatological control once a day on 23 volunteers over 56 days: % of satisfaction

Directions for use

Apply morning and/or evening on a cleansed and dry skin, on the whole face and neck.